Blogging to the Bank? Oh, Yes, Very Much So!

You’ve probably heard about “blogging” before, and you might even have an idea of what a blog is, but are you absolutely sure you understand the best way to spend your blogging time?

Blog is a contraction of ‘web log.’ Basically, a blog is a log of thoughts, ideas, useful links, photos, videos, latest news or scandal. Blogs are a series of posts assembled in chronological order, and most bloggers agree they’re a form of expression. Blogs, through the late 1990’s were lists of links maintained by tech savvy individuals. But, in recent years, blogs have become personal observances, updated regularly, and many accommodate rants and observations.

A ‘post’ is an entry, similar to an entry in a diary or newspaper. However, posts are shown in reverse chronological order. In other words, the latest story (post) will be at the top of the website, with the earlier ones descending in order beneath.

Posts have a subject, the same as email does. Next comes the body of the subject, or the main part of the post. Usually, posts have comments as a way for readers to respond to what’s been said. Many posts include the time and date it was submitted. Often, blogging is a thing of the moment, and people aren’t as interested in reading out of date posts.

That’s about it, a blog in a nutshell. Blogging is just an easy way of publishing and sharing your thoughts on the web.

Why Should You Write a Blog?

There as many reasons to write a blog as motivations. Some blog to boost motivation, others to entice business growth. And, still others blog only to share and debate issues with others. Whether you use blogging to network for business reasons, or share photos and memories, there are many reasons to give it a try.

Can I Make Money From Blogging?

There are real chances to make money from online writing. Creating income directly, or through advertising, publications or consulting are some avenues of revenue generating means by blogging.

Search engines love websites that are sprinkled with new material regularly, and blogging is a good way to make sure your content is always fresh. Keeping your blog’s content fresh and active gives you a better shot of getting high results in a Google search.

For business owners, blogging is a great way to communicate and interact with their customers. Businesses can boost their online presence with blogging.

Which Blogging Platform is Best for Me?

Basically, a blogging platform is the software used to publish your content on the web. Similar to word processor and web browser varieties, there are many different types of blogging platforms available.

Some blogging platforms are free, and others charge a monthly or annual subscription fee. Some platforms are hosted online, and some require them to be hosted on your own web server. Some are tailored for individual blogging, while others are geared for group publishing as to create networks of bloggers.

The easiest way to begin blogging is with a hosted blogging platform. The two most popular and free services are and

Many people who decide to blog begin with a free host blog service. The two free hosted bloggers listed above both offer plenty of options to allow freedom of design and text display. But, you cannot use your own domain name with either of these hosts.

If you want more control over your presentation, modification and blog location a self-hosted platform might be best for you. The two most popular self-hosted blog solutions are and Movable Type. is free to use, and Movable Type is subscription based.

If blogging is mainly for business or professional the self-hosted option might be best. But, if you’re in it just for fun, you can’t go wrong by choosing a hosted solution.

Blogging Content…What Should You Write About?

Obviously, the choice is yours, but you should consider finding a niche. Building readership is done by distinguishing yourself and focusing on a particular niche topic or interest, unless your blog is solely for friends and family, Generally, people find your blog through a search engine when seeking something they’re interested in or looking for. By now, you should decide if your blog is business or fun. There’s a world of difference between the two. If it’s just for fun, do what you want, when you want. No one really cares but you. If you want to earn a buck or two, it’s time to start acting like a professional business person. And time to become aware of what you are doing, and what the competition is doing. It’s also time to bring some traffic (ie, visitors) to your blog.

Once they find you, this is where you really begin. Does your blog have potential? Have you taken the time to learn and research the competition? Visit lots of blogs and websites to learn about your chosen niche, and decide if there’s room for you. Don’t try to break into a niche where there’s a bazillion sites, because chances are that you will fail. Like, there’s no need for a zillion blogs about sports, but maybe there’s just a few of them about polo.

Keep in mind, people link to and recommend blogs they value or trust. Does your blog offer solutions or information regarding the niche you selected and promote. Pick something you are interested in, something that motivates you, and is unique to you. On the other hand, being passionate about a blog topic is not absolutely required, just so long as you’ve spent some time researching the topic and have acquired some knowledge that other people will want to know about.


5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Specialist Blog Manager For Your Business Blog

A lot of people of all ages have been hooked into blogging. Among the popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress. The experience of blogging is like taking the whole dear diary thing into the next level. With the advancement in technology, blogging is the next best thing to writing in leather-bound journals. With blogging, people can express their thoughts and feelings. Of course, there’s the whole privacy issue. Surprisingly, nobody seems to mind that a lot of people get to view their blogs as well.

Over the recent years since its advent, blogging have come a long way from just being a medium of expression for people. Blogs have been utilized by organizations, fans and even businesses. However, the idea of using business blogs is no longer a unique idea. A lot of business owners in the same market niche are also in the same page in promoting their businesses online. The competition is tough. Blogs must be updated regularly to keep more followers from visiting. A specialist blog manager would really help a lot in managing your business blog and here are 5 reasons why.

• The competition with other business blogs in the same market niche is high. This means that you really have to go neck to neck against your competitors to gain more customers and secure more sales. You simply cannot leave your blog as it is or your followers and other potential customers will find nothing interesting in it, and you lose your sales. A specialist blog manager will be there to continuously update your business blog.

• Through your business blog, you can feature product reviews. Customers who are interested may also ask questions regarding product specifications. Someone has to keep all the traffic that comes into your business blog at bay and makes sure that all customer queries are addressed. The specialist blog manager’s job here is to keep the customers happy.

• Maintaining the blog is one thing. Bring people to visit your blog is another. As was mentioned earlier, there are lots of other business blogs competing for the same market niche. Now your priority at this point is to bring in people who could be potential customers into your blog. Specialist blog managers know the different tricks to do that. Mostly, it involves SEO.

• Keeping the business blog interesting is another job that the specialist blog manager does. The blog should contain posts that would rank high in search engines. To do this, Search Engine Optimization should be employed. Specialist blog managers would have to come up with blog posts that are related to the business and can really attract the attention of internet users. The content matters very much because even search engines can run through the content and rank it based on its relevance (as evidenced by a high keyword density) and the traffic the blog content creates. The blog should also be creative and professional looking in order to gain the trust of the customers.

• Blog managers do not only focus on working with the business blog. It tries to outsource to social networking sites and article submissions sites by posting back links that could bring in more customers who are interested in what the business blog has to offer. By bringing in more potential customers, chances are sales will also increase.

These are the things that a specialist blog manager can do for your business blog. If you find yourself having no idea on how to promote your business blog, then hiring a specialist blog manager is the easiest way to go.


Great Ways to Attract Traffic to Your Blog

Bloggers are usually clueless about how to attract traffic to their blogs. Beginners specially are oblivious to the different methods they can employ to increase traffic to their blogs. Blog traffic is an essentiality and chances are your blog will not survive for long unless fed with stream of visitors continuously. You’d eventually lose interest if no one cares to visit, as simple as that.

An active and popular blog can add greatly to your online assets. It’s one of the fastest ways to promote yourself to others and create followers and buyers within a particular niche, however there is no way you can make any niche blog a success without significant amounts of traffic. So what can you do to get significant traffic to any blog? There are a few quick things you can do that will help instantly increase visitors count and help make your blog popular and profitable. However, I am not going to tell you all the fluff or the dirty shortcuts like emailing everyone in your contact list to ask to visit your blog or getting in chat rooms and mindlessly pasting links. The following ways will help your blog prosper and set your marketing efforts in right direction.

Be a Content Producer
How many times do you actually sit and write your own content? Content producing is time consuming. People avoid time consuming things. Website owners and bloggers are no different. Majority want to get done with without much effort.

We’d rather copy others, just Google information over, pick/steal someone else’s content or idea, spin/reword it a bit and post it with our name tag than actually creating something out. That’s why genuine good quality content is precious. People come looking for genuine content. Be a content source, content producer, create content and people will come looking for you.

What to do:

  • Generate likable content
  • Write Good blog posts
  • Write long posts, properly conveying your message
  • Possibly Post more often. Majority of highly successful blogs generate good quality content regularly.
  • Write something that fulfills a need, solves a problem, helps people learn, grow better.

Builds authority and credibility
Increased search engine trust & rankings
Good content attracts traffic mystically
Increased chances of repeat visitors
Better ad conversion & revenues
People will like to listen to you therefore increased chances of loyal subscriber base.

Learn to Spread the word
Spreading the word is important. Telling others about your blog is obviously helpful. How do you spread the word?

Where do you find others? To let others know your blog exists, put your blog link in all the prominent places where people frequent. No, I am not going to suggest to include your blog link in your email signature, your Facebook, your gtalk, yahoo messenger status, your visiting to pull massive amount of traffic, although that does its bit. Lets’ do something better.

Article Marketing
Articles marketing is what every serious blogger should incorporate in its marketing strategy. All the seasoned internet marketers take advantage of this vehicle, why? Simply because it works and works in the long run. Beginners usually are unaware of the power article marketing holds and that’s probably why they fall short of properly utilizing it.


Magical Tips to Launch a Professional Blog

With the recent rise online business, blog marketing becomes a trend that has been implemented by many online internet businessmen. There are basically two types of blogs over the internet, one is the personal blog and the other is corporate blog. The personal blog are mostly about the author’s activities, thoughts, inspiration, ideas and everything that happen around him. A corporate blog as known as business blog usually used for the benefits of a company, for instance as a method to marketing, advertising or enhancing communication. No matter what kind of blog, bloggers simply need to try their best to drive readers to their blog and will be able to make money with them.

Best solution to create your blog

In this day and age, it is rather easy to create a blog thanks to the development of web technology. There are simply a couple of basic elements you need to prepare for your blog, profession hosting as well as blogging software. Both of them have free and paid offers over the internet. Which type would you choose? If you hope to create a professional-looking blog with a lot of features, the best solution is to use free blog software, like WordPress and host it on your own blogging server. WordPress is a great platform since it provides you with powerful features, hundreds of templates and great flexibility to customize the blog yourself. A paid blog hosting allows you to apply FTP to integrate your blog on your own domain so that visitors will see it as being a part of your own site.

Tips to marketing your blog

Just write content for your blog and expect people to come is not enough. To market your blog successfully, there are some aspects you should take care of to make your blog well-known among your target audience.

1. As mention above, it is meaningful to have a standalone domain name for your blog, or at least a sub domain under your own domain name.

2. Customize the blog look and optimize the template. After you have installed the core WordPress software, there a number of things you can do to customize your blog. Logo and design modification to match your branding, RSS subscription options, social bookmark links, unique title tags as well as sitemap.

3. Post unique content regularly. Try to figure out a best post frequency, maybe 3-5 times per day or per week and maintain your readership. Keep your post original and valuable. Fresh content is welcomed by both search engine and your readers.

4. Trace inbounds links, traffic, comments. If anyone leaves you a comment on your blog, you should always be responsive to give a reply. Of course, you can also keep contact with other related blogs via comment, exchanging links, social networking services or forums, which will bring visitors to your blog.

5. Posting as a guest blogger is another way for you to market your blog. Do not post any article within your own realm. If possible, it is a great practice to submit your article to the more honored blogs, which have a large number of followers. This is the best and easy way to gain more visitors for your blog.

Most common strategies to make money from blog

With the detail tips above, you are now can start blogging without too much difficulty. Then there is one question remain unanswered. That is how to use the blog to make dollars for you? If you are business-minded folks and expecting to bring in a little or even a big amount of extra incomes, followings are some methods that you could turn your blog into a moneymaker.

1. Apply affiliate program. Affiliate program is very popular practice among blogosphere. Under such system, you place other’s products or service on your blog for generating a sale and you get the commission. For instance, if you are running an affiliate program about the movie niche, it may be a great idea to write some movie review with links to that movie. When a reader click through that link or banner and break out the checkbook, you will receive pay as well.

2. Sell advertisements space. Once you have received a fair amount of traffic, then selling advertisements space can be your choice for leveraging blog to generate incomes. It is very important for you keep a record of your website traffic to convince the advertiser. And you should also make sure that your design of your blog allows space for future advertisements. The major downside of direct banner advertising is that you need to spend time managing the sales process, the banners and the payments.

3. Monetization Widgets. Besides placing advertisers’ ads on your blog, you can also make money by monetizing your website widgets, which is becoming more and more popular these days. For example, free ad service WidgetBucks allows you to make money from blog. The major difference lies in the fact that they work as web widgets, making it easier for the user to plug and play the service on its website.

Search the internet, you will find many other strategies to make money from blogging. As your time and energy is limited, it would be wise to choose only a few that provide the greatest income generation. Whatever path you choose, it is important to know that success will not come without putting your time and effort as a constantly learning blogger.


Can a Blog Make You Money Online?

Types of Blogs

A Personal Blog – personal blogs were actually the first blog to be introduced to the world. They were first present somewhat like a diary would be but just not as personal. People would blog about their day at work, their kids, their neighbors and so forth. To this day the personal blog has really remained the same over the years.

A video blog – video blogs got introduced and have become the latest fad for a few different reasons. One reason is that some people do not like writing; they feel their sentences and paragraphs don’t flow properly. Another reason is that it is so simple to shoot a quick video and upload it to the internet. Most phones today have this capability to shoot a video and upload to YouTube, you then can get the embed code and put it on your blog effortlessly. Finally video blogs are becoming very popular because of the many ADD individuals; they don’t have the attention span to read so videos work for them.

Niche Blogs – Niche blogs are very specific blogs, for example: a blog about Mustangs, computers, cell phones, politics, or health products. These blogs are very targeted blogs and attract a lot of people because they tend to be more educated on their topic. Just imagine if your blog was only about motorcycles, you would have a vast in depth knowledge about motorcycles. Many times you can get people that want to put ads on your blog which helps you make money online.

The mighty Splog – This is a “dirty” blog, and most people don’t like splogs. A Splog is a blog that is built by someone that takes other people’s content from their site without permission and put it on their site, they then turn around and put their ads all over the site. Besides just being downright rude, it actually does hurt people like you and I that strive to provide original content.

Reasons you should blog

It is actually quite simple, if you can use Microsoft Word, you can blog. In today’s world, since blogging has become so popular the programs are constantly evolving and improving. The programs are getting so user friendly that it’s almost unbelievable.

The sky is the limit on what you can do with your blog. If you want to add 50 smiley faces at the bottom of every post you can. You can add pictures, videos, articles, thoughts, ideas or anything else. If you have seen it online you can almost bet you can do it on your blog. A good example is on my blog, I have a floating 3D tag cloud; people love it and play with it.

Time to network – With blogs, you are inevitably going to meet new people. AS you add valuable content, people will start commenting on and following your blog. As you get to know some of your followers, you may be able to leverage each other’s abilities and experiences.

Search engines Love Blogs – the search engines want and need to provide valuable content to their searchers. They love blogs because well taken care of blogs have updated content on a consistent basis, they normally have pictures and videos that also enhance the readers experience.

And finally the reason you started reading this article, I know the suspense is killing you.

Make some money with your blog – As you become more of an experienced blogger and build a very deep following of readers. As you get more traffic, you are going to start to get noticed by many people and businesses. As you get noticed you will start getting ranked higher, in turn people will approach you to advertise on your site. I have seen advertising costs on blogs that start around 25.00 a month up to 10,000.00 a month.


Successful Blogging Techniques

Guide to Successful Blogging

Blogging has become a very broad and expansive part of the internet in our world today. Blogging can quite possibly be very marketable and also profitable for users whom are in the blogging industry and abroad. To profit from your blog site you must gain respect in your area of expertise or niche and from there grab the audiences attention and make sure you keep bringing the users back to read and comment on your content. Originality, Uniqueness and informative content is how you will achieve this. I will establish and present to you the most valuable ways I believe on how you can start becoming a successful blogger.

The Journey

Everyone participating in anything has to start somewhere, unfortunately in this industry you will undoubtedly start small and if you put time and effort into your blog you may become successful. Most small time bloggers will use free blog hosting services and this I think is a great platform for inexperienced bloggers and people whom are trying to get a feel of how the whole blog industry and system works. With an independent blog site you must have paid hosting, knowledge of scripts and plugins etc in order to provide a decent platform for your blog audience whereas here you can put your sole focus onto providing top quality content and all the back end technical stuff is covered. The main advantages of having a free blog hosting service is that if your blog does not become popular or successful you have not lost out. No costs incurred apart from the time you invested into writing the content.

Blogging for niche

Most bloggers today will target a niche, which is a specific product, service and or topics relating to keywords on the related items. Its important to choose a niche or target something which interests you so you can add personal experience and advice to your blogs content instead of writing about something that has no appeal to you whatsoever. Writing regularly is important in blogging and being able to have a niche which you are excited about makes this job a hell of a lot easier for you in the long term as you are not struggling for ideas as to what to write about. As long as the user audience is there for your niche you can write about it, blog about it and become a dominant force within your targeted niche. Remember you can blog and write about absolutely anything in the world, your daily life, work problems anything which can attract the attention of a following audience.


As stated above it is vital that your blogs content is updated very regularly, ideally you aim for a article, post daily. By doing so your blog becomes more appealing and interesting for your audience but in terms of SEO and search engines they love a fresh updating blog site. To have a successful blogging website post frequency and fresh content is imperative otherwise you will slip and your readers will not be coming back anytime soon. Setting aside time where you will focus work efforts on your blog do go along way and this will keep your readers in the loop of your niche and website thus returning traffic is high. If you do not make the effort your rankings will fall and traffic levels will take a steep dive for the worst.

Traffic and audience

To run and maintain a successful profitable blog you MUST have traffic and an audience that is willing to return to your blog on a regular occasion to keep up to date with your article content. With the internet growing rapidly getting noticed is becoming a harder and harder task day by day thus there are some options to boost yourself in terms of traffic. Advertising, Viral marketing, social bookmarking, twitter, search engine optimization etc all contribute to the levels of traffic your blog will receive. Submitting your blogs content to article directories is also a very big positive, the trick with article marketing is having the all important anchor links in the author biography part of the article. This creates backlinks for your blog. If your article is well written and unique and many people are linking to it or using it on their websites this is a huge bonus of article marketing. Links are coming from all over the web to your website if you have a successful written article on such directories and submission websites.

Keep track of visitors

Check your websites statistics on a frequent basis to analyze who is looking at what and how often, this is the simplest way to monitor your audience. Using tools like Google Webmasters and Google Analytics are very important for research purposes and how to optimize your website for better use and conversion. Keep track of what keywords are being searched and how users are finding your website on the internet by tracking what keywords are popular and getting the most search results you can now make the effort to target those particular keywords in a more rigorous fashion in order to increase your traffic and rankings. When writing blog titles make sure they are SEO friendly and highly keyword related so users can find your content easier.

The Personal Experience

Relating to your users on a personal level is highly important and being able to bring in real life experiences to your content is very valuable and provides the path where people can relate and interact with you and your blog a lot easier. Keep the interaction levels with your audience high creates a positive blogging environment and site which people will happily return to. If your readers are emailing you, I personally make the effort to reply to each email to engage on a ground level.


Effective Blog Writing Styles

Your blogging goal is to consistently deliver compelling and informative content that contains solutions to the problems of your readers. Now that people read your content, you need to give it a distinctive voice as well.

When it comes to blogging styles, there are many different approaches and each style comes with its own unique set of rules. One of the first rules of blogging (and it is a rule that applies to all styles) is that your content should always be fresh. Another critical element is the originality and work that goes into each of your blog posts.

When it comes to blogging, the most successful articles are the ones with fascinating topics and excellent writing. The blog should be interesting to the niche audience as well as to the audience around the world. If the writing quality is not good, people won’t waste their time reading more than the first few words. The online competition is so stiff that the last thing you want to do is turn people off because your communication skills are not up to par.

There are many different blogging styles that can be used, depending on what you want to achieve from others reading what you are putting out there.

  • Brand blogging: A blog about your brand and products and/or services. This type of blog will offer an informative look at the brand and should include positive features that are a part of your offerings.
  • Link blogging: This is a compilation of a group of links to other websites, blogs or other useful online content. You are offering it as a resource list that leads back to one of your blog postings.
  • Video blogging: Video blogging is an extremely effective marketing tool. If you create a video and post it online in a blog posting, you will find that there will be a large number of people who are interested. Videos are very effective because they are aesthetically appealing and because they appeal to people who don’t have the time to sit down and read and who also prefer a visual medium by which to learn new information.
  • Photo blogging: If you have the type of business where photographs effectively tell your story, this is a wonderful blogging approach. You may want to include a small amount of copy (in the form of captions). However, you may find those to be unnecessary, depending on what you are trying to express.
  • List blogging: List blogging is a style that is used by many bloggers. If you do an online search on almost any subject, it is a guarantee that some of your results will include articles that discuss the “top…” number of something. People find that interesting and useful.
  • Survey blogging: Readers love to answer questions that you put out there on subjects that are of interest to them. The reason that this is such an effective approach is that you are communicating with them that their opinions are valuable to you and your business.
  • Event blogging: After you have attended an event, you can blog about your opinions and thoughts about the event. There are many different events about which you can blog, for example, conferences, seminars, and conferences. Other people, who were not able to attend the event, greatly appreciate your information. It makes them feel less like they have missed out.
  • Insight blogging: Blog postings that share ideas, thoughts, and the discussion of trends in a particular niche are very interesting to readers. This type of blogging is more formal and perhaps less “fun” than other types. However, it is considered valuable and will generally carry the discussion quite far.
  • Response blogging: This is blogging that is a direct response to a question or a challenge of some kind that another blogger has posted. Many times, the original source of the challenge was reaching out for help because he or she was in the middle of a crisis. Your response will be much appreciated and will often compel other people to jump in on the discussion.
  • Meme blogging: In this type of blogging, you start a discussion by responding to a question and reaching out to other bloggers to respond to the same question on their blogs in whichever way they choose. This promotes interesting and exciting discussions that will continue (potentially indefinitely).
  • Review blogging: Review blogging is a blog where you, as a subject matter expert, give your opinion on a new product and/or service. Other people love to give their opinions on new products and/or services also. Before you know it, you will have a long string of valuable comments.
  • Guest blogging: This is a blog that you write with the specific objective of having it posted on someone else’s blog. This type of blog generally promotes a great deal of discussion and the writer and the person doing the posting both stand to benefit.
  • Interview blogging: Interview blogging is very effective and very interesting. You can either publish an audio or video interview or you can publish the transcript from the interview.


The Home Business and Blog Marketing

All sensible blog owners should do blog marketing. Promoting the blog in order to get readers and earn profit is actually the main theme of this. When a blog owner does it well they try to optimize their blog every where on the web so that those Internet users who are interested in that type of information can find their blog easily. Blog owners can also use affiliate links and programs to sell the products and services of merchants. You can setup your whole home business via blogs if you want to make easy money while sitting at home.

Starting home business is of course not that simple! You must have multiple blogs to do that effectively. If you really want to start home business using your blogs you should first make a list of markets that your blogs can cover. Blogs normally don’t do best when they represent multiple markets. Making things easier for those who are confused, a blog about cats should not include anything about home appliances. Readers who are visiting your blog in order to educate themselves about the cats will not have any immediate interest in kitchen appliances and taking care of the interests of your readers is most important thing for your blog to achieve.

So be sure your blog is relevant and does not include any non-useful information. Also do not include information about any other pet in the blog dedicated to cats. You may make a separate blog and promote it as pet’s blog and then include articles and information about any pet you want.

You have to educate yourself about every aspect of blog marketing in order to make it your source of income. Some basic things one has to learn are listed as follows:

  • A blog marketer should know how to write about the things they are trying to advertise.
  • A blog marketer should also know how to increase the ranking of the blog in the results of search engines.

If a blog marketer learns these things well, they can be a successful home business owner in future. They can definitely earn lot of money by educating himself about the mentioned aspects of blog marketing.

In order to increase the ranking of the blog one needs to do the SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it consists of optimizing your blog such that it starts getting good ranks in search engine results. This obviously will lead to more traffic and leads from your blog. A blog marketer may not want himself to learn and do the SEO of his blog because of lack of time or interest. If this is the case he can hire someone who knows how to do SEO. This can save lot of the time and energy of the blog marketer.

A blog marketer can not do every thing alone to make his blog successful. He needs to do outsourcing of much of his work and that is the only way he can earn lot of money. For top quality articles and blogs you can hire professional content writer! You can hire someone else to make back links for your blogs by posting comments on other blogs with a link back to yours. You can manage things well by spreading out all the necessary tasks on the spread sheet. You can then think and decide how frequently each thing needs to be done for each blog. This will help you prioritizing things and carrying out things in a much organized and timely way. If you are outsourcing your work, spread sheet can be great tracking software for you as it will remind you who is doing what and will make sure that no single job is assigned to more than one person.

Home business for blog marketing is not very much different from any other home business. “As you sow so shall you reap”, this is same the case with blog marketing. You will get at end what you will put at start. Time is what blog marketing needs! If you work only few hours in a week, you can not start a good home business from your blogs. In order to make blog marketing your source of income you need to be consistent and hard working. You will be glad once you have a running home business with lots of money coming in every week.

Never assign your self big and huge goals! Always start with small and put your best efforts to achieve your objectives and goals. That is exactly you need in order to get lot of income from blog marketing that you are dreaming of. Remember, your hard work will never be wasted so keep your self persistent.


The Blog As a Marketing Tool

The concept of the blog began in the late 90s. In those days the blog was used solely for comment on particular Web page, which meant an opportunity to replicate these comments and opinions of visitors and readers of this website. What began as a simple phrase or comment has become widespread views that create controversy on all topics you can imagine.

The blog has become so potential online advertising and SEO search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) Rely heavily on the content of keywords that they have.

Here I mention five basic reasons why you should use the blog as a very powerful marketing tool on the Internet.

1. The blog is very simple. The easiest way to get your little space on the Internet is through a blog. You do not need any special ability to throw it to go… anyone who has basic knowledge of how to use a computer or computer, you can do. A blog is like having a virtual book to write your personal thoughts on this or that issue, your experiences on the use of a particular program, software or purchase of any product. The Blog is an attractive force especially since in these lines, where you express your experiences and views, it begins to create an atmosphere of trust so that your readers and visitors begin to test the same products and programs that you have already used or purchased Thanks to the opinion that you have left in your blog about them. So if you have a computer or computer with Internet access (who do not have it today?), You can start promoting anything through your Blog.

2. The Blog is authentic and original content. In these times where online advertising saturates our lives, we seriously question the credibility of such promotions. It is too much advertising we see today on the Internet that we do not know if they really the products, programs or methods that are offered are really what they seem. However, in blogs, real people who show their faces, they share real life experiences or express their opinion on good or malfunction of any program or product without having to resort to paid advertising. Read blogs about first-hand use of any product or service is like talking in person with someone who has already proven what I’m looking for… determined and related experience in a very high percentage, my decision on the acquisition or rejection of that product or service. Anyone want to buy something that has already been tried and tested by others.

3. The blog is completely free. Creating a blog does not cost anything. If you plan on riding your blog platform Blogger (free blogging platform from Google) is not recommended if you want a professional blog. Blogger, I would say is to share information informally with friends and family and that has nothing to do with the installation of a professional Internet business. If your idea, however, is to mount a fully professional internet business, my recommendation is to use the WordPress platform. WordPress itself costs nothing, but we need to first buy a personal domain and hosting or hosting system (which is quite accessible) where you can upload unlimited information for the proper functioning of your professional business online. To learn how to get your domain and how to get your hosting, I recommend that you subscribe to my blog… to subscribe you can acquire free information about how to make this domain, hosting and set up a blog on WordPress.

4. The blog builds credibility and forging a bond of trust between you and your readers or visitors. As you add items, experience gained by the purchase of a particular product or service and quality content to your blog, readers are with reference to your blog and look forward to your next article to satisfy their information needs and satisfy more themselves. This is how you become an expert in the subject by the fact that more and more readers visit your blog and more bloggers link Your Blog. If your blog comes to have a significant number of daily visits and many companies and professional organizations notice the growth of the base of readers and visitors you have, would most likely contact you to put advertising on my blog (something to you benefit financially) or make a direct affiliate of its products, which will generate a commission every time you sell a product or service referred to those companies and generated from your blog.

5. The Blog builds your market. Unless you’re a Hollywood star, it is likely that only your family read your articles. The good news is that your family have many friends, then they will tell them how interesting is your Blog. But do not worry, do not depend on the friends of your family or your family to increase the number of subscribers and readers of your blog. See the following ways that expose you to be able to build your market through your blog:

* Using your email. Each time you send an email (whatever the content of that message) to your list of contacts and acquaintances, do not forget to leave your link in your website or your blog in the signature of this email. I assure you, out of curiosity, many will click to see what’s on your blog. Do not spam, if you already have a long list of contacts with whom you write often, you can do but do not send mails to people who are not on your list because if you do, you will lose credibility and your business will be affected.

* By using a subscription form to your blog. An easy way to get emails from your readers is to give them the option to subscribe to your blog. Book exclusive information for your subscribers to persuade your readers to subscribe to your blog leaving your name and email. Be responsible in the use of emails collected, noting that information will never send junk to fill their inboxes from spam. Only information with value and useful content.

* Using feedback information. Ask your subscribers if the information received has been helpful to them, they give you a message expressing his views on the exclusive information that has been sending them. Better yet, ask them to do a little video leaving positive testimony expressing what has been useful to them such information. So, you get more credibility and more confidence with your readers and they in turn will also have the opportunity to make themselves known through your Blog. It’s a win-win proposal for everyone.

* Subscribe to other blogs. Part of other blogs that share similar themes to your promotions. Blogs that are serious and they are professionals like yours for readers and consumers to have credibility and identify you as a professional and an expert on the subject.

* By using RSS. The RSS is used to broadcast frequent updates to users who have subscribed to the source of content (or Blog). The format allows you to distribute content without a browser, using software designed to read these RSS feeds. Giving the option to subscribe to content updates to your blog via RSS, you will gain readers and subscribers more quickly and will identify you as a teacher in whatever promotions.


Top Secret to Making Money Blogging

In the past, making money blogging was a mirage to so many bloggers because only a few were able to tap into this online money making with the use of blogs.

Are you still in that state of imagination about making money blogging? Then you need to wake up from your state of wondering because money making have become easier than ever with the use of effective and cheap tool online.

Having a simple blog anyone can really make thousands if not millions of dollars monthly, but the truth is that only a few blog owners have been able to make sure return, application of knowledge is power! I guess I’m right? So many bloggers are making it big time in the blogging industry; on the other hand others are not why because they have laid hold on the same secret I’m about sharing with you.

My question is, What is your stat?

Do you have a blog?

Are you making much money with your blog?

If your answer is yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Good for you, but if no, then you need to read the rest part of this article as I will show you the simple way I make money online with my blog.

There are different ways one can make money from a blog, but I will be concentrating on the simple one and I hope you follow me as I lead you.

1. Draw out your blogging plan:-
Friend if you must make money blogging then you must draw out your blog plan very well. This is because success needs a plan to follow so get your pen and a sheet of paper and write out some of the things you would like to archive with your blog. Write out the kind of blog you would like to have and make a list of things you like to blog about (music, health, relationship, auto e.t.c). Blogging is all about this you know and love to share; you also need to write out the kind of people you’d like to reach as your audience. This is vital because it’s a road map to your success.

2. Take a quick tour: you need to take a tour to other blogs of the same niche (field) and see what they are writing about and see some of their basic blog features, remember that you are not the only one blogging or the first to blog people are already there before you and you need to do what they are doing and even better. You need to remove every doubt of failing because you will see great blogs and you will be amazed at what they are doing, Rome was not built in a day!

3. Create your blog: this is one easy step and i will recommend the free blogs (sub-domain) like blogger for beginners because its free and easy to use, and let your blog URL be related to your niche (if you are blogging about health let you blog site name).

4. Design / customise your site: there is not thing as good as when your blog is looking beautiful. You don’t have to leave your blog on its default theme because it will not really suite your blog niche. Blog customisation is very important because this is what makes your blog to be different from other blogs, it also increase your reader’s interest on your blog. It also makes your blog to be professional. One can really change the theme of his blog with the use of templates or editing the HTML code of the blog template and this can be done by those who knows about blog design, if you want to redesign your blog you give it to any truth worthy blogger who can help you with the design and you pay a little cash for the job.

5. Search engine optimisation (SEO): this popular term in the blogging industry could be challenging if not properly done. SEO is simply you optimising your blog to be readily seen and claw by search to enable it found on search engine. There are different ways of doing this, you have to configure your meta tag, blog description and back linking, please search other site for full tutorial of this topic.

6. Article content: content is king! You need to write out quality articles and post on your blog and post on article directories, this will increase your blog Page Rank and blog traffic.

7. AdSense and Affiliate Marketing: this is the really thing that make one make money. Joining Google AdSense programme is very profitable and affiliate programmes. Google AdSense is designed for publishers (blog owners) to enable them make money from ads (adverts) placed on their blogs. The money generated is as a result of clicks visitors makes when they visit your site. This clicks are then calculated into cash and the money paid by check at the end of every month by Google international.

This secret will only work for you if you follow what I have just shown you! See you on top!